What are the cost associated with my order?

We try hard to eliminate hidden costs, setup fees, screen charges, etc - however every order is unique and requires different needs and thus potentially different costs.

  • Artwork - There are no art charges when professional, print ready artwork is provided. When print ready artwork is not available we will work to get you want you need at the lowest cost possible. For more information on fees associated with artwork view (LINK)
  • Screen Charges - We offer FREE screens with all orders over 25 pieces with 1-4 colors prints. Ink changes will be charged at $15 per screen. Below minimum set-ups will be charged at $15 per screen.
  • Garment Cost + Printing - The costs of your garment and printing are combined. Together this becomes the majority of the cost of your printed order. On many orders, this is the only charge on your invoice. This price varies with every garment style, order quantity, print locations, and number of ink colors per location. Please contact us for a custom quote and feel free to send over your print-ready artwork if you have it.
  • Oversized Garments - Every garment sized XXL or larger comes with an increased cost from our suppliers. Each garment style has a different price but are approximately an additional $2/ea. Please note that not every garment style is available in every size, in fact a few only come in sizes S-L but most come in sizes S-XXL. Please let us know if you need some big sizes.
  • Water-based + Discharge Printing - Water-based and Discharge screen printing come with additional costs because of the additional setup time, complexity, and cost of materials. Our standard minimum for water-based order is 50 qty with all the regular price breaks. Your cost depends on your artwork and order qty, but expect to pay about 15% more for water-based ink and 15% more for discharge orders.
  • Less than Minimum Qty from Specialty Suppliers - We request a 48qty minimum when ordering specialty garments from specialty suppliers due to inbound freight shipping costs. In some cases, we're able to combine small orders with larger ones and eliminate this cost. In other situations, we must charge less than minimum fee of $20 to recoup expensive shipping costs on small orders. Some customers add garments after we've ordered their blanks and then we need to place an additional garment order and pay for shipping twice. In these cases, there is also a Less than Minimum fee for the ad-on garments.

How do I get a quote?

Email us at with as much information as possible and we'll get back to you with a quote as quickly as possible.

What is your payment policy?

We require 50% deposit on most orders. We accept school purchase orders, and most federal purchase orders. Credit terms may have to be established prior to acceptance of Purchase Orders.

What is your misprint policy?

Due to the nature of screen printing, there are times when a small number of items in a run will print incorrectly or the apparel will be damaged. We do not charge for misprinted shirts that are brought to our attention immediately. Misprints that exceed 3 shirts or 3% of the original order and those orders below our quality levels may be replaced at our expense. If you have a complicated order and need an exact number of shirts, we recommend that you order a few extra.

Quantity, number of ink colors, and number of locations are the main factors in determining your cost. If you are looking to keep cost low, consider ordering 50+ shirts with 1 color, 1 location print.