Is there an order minimum?

The minimum embroidery order for new designs is 6 pieces. We can print under 6 pieces for repeat orders with a set-up fee.

Can you embroider on items that I provide?

Apparel 1 will embroider on merchandise that is supplied by the customer. We do not, however, guarantee the quality of prints on customer supplied merchandise, or the ability to print on each individual garments. We cannot be held responsible for spoiled or damaged goods supplied by the customer. Mistakes, while rare, do happen.

Blank garment samples are encouraged if you are looking for a specific color, style or fit. Provided you place an order with us using the sample(s), we bill the samples with your regular order. However, if you decide not to order the samples or not to order at all, then you will be required to pay a sample cost for the blank piece and any necessary shipping.

A stitch-out sample is created with every new logo. In certain circumstances, we can create an embroidered garment sample.