What are your graphic design capabilities?

Our in-house designer can help with your creative needs. Services include:

  • Graphic Design - $50 flat fee based on 2 hours or work, $35 per hour if additional work is needed. $95 per hour if you want to own the artwork.
  • Order Forms - Free, but only offered when Apparel 1 is completing the order.
  • E-Stores - Call for details and pricing.

How many colors can you print?

5-8 spot colors depending on the printing needs of the artwork.

Can you match PMS colors?

Yes, Apparel 1 can mix PMS specific colors at a one time fee of $15. Our stock colors include commonly used PMS colors, so please check our color card to see if we have your PMS color available. Download A1 Color Card

How do you need my artwork?

All artwork is preferred in vector format, saved to CS5 at full size as Adobe Illustrator or Illustrator pdf files with all fonts outlined. Raster graphics must be created at full size, at 300 dpi or higher and should have each color on its own layer.

We accept the following hi-resolution file formats: ai, pdf, eps, svg, psd, tiff, and some hi-resolution jpgs.

Vector files and color-separated, print-ready artwork is strongly encouraged and will eliminate or minimize all art charges. All fonts must be converted to outlines or the font file(s) must be included with artwork.

Low-resolution graphics will be subject to design charges necessary to re-create your artwork as a print-ready graphic.

If you have questions regarding the print readiness of your artwork, please contact us with questions

What are your artwork guidelines?

Vector Art: Adobe Illustrator or InDesign CC or earlier version. Formats include: .ai, .eps, .pdf, or indd. All fonts must be converted to outlines or curves(Corel Draw). Corel Draw users, please export files to .ai with all fonts turned to curves.

Raster Art: Adobe Photoshop CC or earlier version. Artwork must be 300 dpi and actual size of imprint. Formats include: .psd, .tif, .eps, .bmp, or jpg. These formats are not acceptable for print: .gif, or .png. A color separation fee will be applied to all raster images.

Raster vs. Vector Art
Raster artwork is any digital art composed of horizontal and vertical rows of pixels. As a result, when raster images are enlarged, the image quality diminishes significantly. Typical raster types include .psd, .tif, .gif, and bmp.

Vector artwork is digital art composed of mathematical lines and curve. As a result, vector images can be reduced or enlarged in size indefinitely, without any loss in image quality. Typical vector files include .ai, .ps, indd, .pdf, and .cdr.